Welcome to the New Jersey Department of Education's Blended Online Learning Modules

Each of the courses in this collection has multiple sections with activities, videos, and resources. There are interactive tools and exemplars to allow teachers to gain a better sense of what is expected, and how they might be implemented. These courses promote using the online environment to guide the interaction and collaboration of your Professional Learning Community (PLC) to improve student learning.

Video: Introduction to the Online Professional Learning Exchange (3 Minutes)

Script: Introduction to the Online Professional Learning Exchange

The courses can be accessed from the Course Categories menu. Courses 1 to 3 are intended to be completed sequentially. The remaining courses may be accessed as needed. To self-enroll in a course, select its title in the list.

PLC Courses

  1. Setting the Scene
  2. Planning What Students Should Learn
  3. Designing Instruction and Understanding Student Progress

Moodle Training

Orientation to Using these Courses and Moodle