Welcome to TiPS – Technology-infused Practice and Strategies

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The TiPS modules provide clear guidance to educators and leaders on how educational technologies, when applied to specific pedagogical approaches, can significantly enhance the teacher and learning process.

The TiPS modules are designed to:

  • Align the use of educational technologies with research-based pedagogical strategies and learning approaches;
  • Improve and increase the use of data to drive instruction;
  • Increase discussion, questioning, and intellectual engagement; and
  • Increase digital literacy for students.

About the Modules

Cost: Free

Self-Paced or Instructor Led: Self-paced

Time to Complete: Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours per module

Certificate: Issued upon receiving a passing score on the final assessment for a module

Created by: New Jersey Department of Education, Division of Teaching and Learning, Office of School Innovation

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